Where Farming Passion Meets Agricultural Devotion. With a rich tapestry of over a decade's experience, we're redefining how the world eats, ensuring every bite is rooted in innovation and sustainability.


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At Lakesyde Farms, we pledge unparalleled quality and services to our clients, all at fiercely competitive rates, because we're firm believers that success is a deliberate choice, not a stroke of luck. With Us is where Quality Meets Affordability.



Mission Statement

At Lakesyde Farms you dive into a world where agriculture dances with pristine nature, with research & innovative rythms. Our quest? To etch our name into every home, serve up unrivaled produce, and champion a legacy of environmental guardianship. Your plate, our pledge. Our Planet, our treasure. It's not just about feeding communities; it's a promise of nurturing the Earth and her inhabitants

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Specialty Farming

A world where fresh, wholesome vegetables and delectable foods & products are at your fingertips every season. Thanks to our cutting-edge techniques and technology, that world is here at Lakesyde Farms.

Research & Development

Pushing Boundaries in Agriculture: Lakesyde Farms world is where rigorous scientific exploration uncovers the heart of agricultural truths, delivering impeccable insights.

Empowerment in Action: We're deeply invested in our communities, elevating rural farmers, our cherished outgrowers, ushering in a new era of enhanced skills and prospering livelihoods through agriculture.


Where Innovation Meets Agriculture. Born from a vision of 'doubling food with half the resources', we harness the power of soilless culture technology. This game-changing approach allows us to produce premium, pure vegetables from a minimal footprint, reshaping the essence of sustainable farming

About us

Est. in 2010 originally as an export-oriented farm for fresh vegetables based in the Volta Region of Ghana, we have grown to evolve and become an agent for agricultural transformational change through innovation, research and development by offering both ready-to-use products and technical consulting services which represents the synergy between knowledge acquired in academic research activities and years of experience in developing applied solutions.

Lakesyde Farms is located in Agordome Volta Region, Ghana, with offices and packhouse/production stations in Accra.

Our dynamic partnerships with prestigious institutions and influential policy organizations bear witness to the exceptional skills and top-notch services we provide to our clients. Our commitment extends to comprehensive research and development across all agricultural domains, fueled by profound collaborations with esteemed educational institutions and impactful NGOs in Ghana and worldwide. Moreover, we're your go-to source for innovative irrigation solutions, catering to farms, residences, and gardens, ensuring thriving landscapes and bountiful yields.
Finally we undertake irrigation design, installation and sale for farms, homes and gardens.




Products & Services


Research & Development


Green Business


Our Portfolio

Where Prestige Meets Partnership: We take immense pride in collaborating,learning, supplying, and researching alongside luminaries in the field. Our esteemed alliances range from the likes of COLEAD, Ghana Vegetables Producers & Exporters Association (VEPEAG), Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Ghana Investment Promotion Authority (GIPC) and the Ministry of Food & Agric (MoFA)-Ghana to renowned names such as University of Ghana, Biogas Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture (BIOMA) of China, Starbite - Ghana, Movenpick, and Enact Royal Holloway UK. Whether it's Ghana Farmers Market, Green Label Ghana, GhaNuts, or West Africa Center For Crop Improvement (WACCI)- UG, ZeroToGrow.com (Bronx,NY-U.S.A), Green Fen Organix (New York), Taraba Farms (Nigeria), Kasher Organics (Nigeria) our reach and impact resonate across the spectrum, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Peanut Trails

Agronomic, Market Research

Farmers Trainning

Capacity building of FBO's


Community Entry & Impact

Quality Supply

Consistent & Reliable

Community Impacts, Development & Engagements

Draught tolerant Variety

Accurate Accessments

Detailed, Reliable

Cilamte Conscious

Green & Smart Agriculture

Variety Trails

Sustainable, Adaptive


Unleashing Green Urban Dreams: From cityscapes to backyards, Lakesyde pioneers personalized automated irrigation systems for urban farming. We're rewriting the urban farming narrative, fostering a brighter world.

Our pursuit? Abundant, top-quality yields of vibrant, nourishing greens – a new era of sustainability and delicious nutrition through our innovative soilless systems.

Urban/Backyard Farming

Clean & Hygienic

Year round production

Low maintenance

Lower labour costs

Soilless Culture

Grow without soil

Growing efficiency

Healthier Plants/Crops

Longer shelf life

Sustainable Farming


No pesticides

Minimal land usage

90% less water usage

The Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3: Good health and well-being

SDG 13:Climate Action

SDG 14: Live under water

SDG 15: Life on Land


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At Lakesyde Farms, we don't just farm; we set a gold standard. Embracing our environment, valuing our people, and prioritizing your health is the heart of our mission. Dive into a world where every bite is fresh, hygienic, and designed to delight beyond your expectations.



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Farm News & Tips

Revolutionizing Ghana's Green Landscape: At Lakesyde Farms, innovation isn't just a buzzword – it's our mission. Through our pioneering urban farming initiative, we're reshaping Ghana's agricultural future. And it's not just us taking notice; we were honored to be selected as a member of the prestigious Cohort 5 Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) program, a testament to our dedication and vision.

Induction into the GCIC incubator programme.

April 8, 2019 ackwnloedgement as aGreen Business

Creating a sustainable business to keep Mother Earth Alive

Soilless substarte/media innovation to change the way we produce

2017-Date R & D Soilless Agricultural Technology

Grow Easy, Fresh, Double and anywhere; rooftops, balcony's, backyards etc.

Soilless farms/shops in and across the capital and country

Jan 30, 2020 for Implementation

Fresh, Quality Long lasting fruits and vegetables all year round at your doorstep

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